The flu vaccine for children benefits the whole family


Cairo: Dr. Hani Ramzi Awad

The return of confidence in the importance of vaccination vaccines to prevent various diseases after a period of widespread fear that its side effects may outweigh its proven benefits, perhaps one of the most important gains left by the Corona pandemic, especially after the emergence of scientific theories indicating that vaccines could be In some countries, it is compulsory that contributed to reducing the number of infections, as well as the severity of symptoms and complications, such as vaccination against BCG, for example.
This has encouraged parents to make sure to give their children the usual vaccinations, including the seasonal flu vaccine, which has already succeeded in reducing infections. The most recent study that examined the positive effect of this vaccination indicated that it may affect children only, and may contribute to protecting other members of the community.

School vaccination The
study, published in mid-August of this year in the journal PLOS Medicine, showed that the higher the vaccination rate among school students in California, the United States, the lower the number of cases that were booked in hospitals annually due to Influenza is of all ages, not just children.
And public health experts explained that these results are expected, as children are among the groups that most play a role in transmitting the influenza virus (or viruses in general) to others, whether peers or older family members due to their presence in gatherings in schools or clubs, and besides that, it is easy. Their injury due to the recent exposure. Also, repeated infection with a specific virus as a result of age creates a type of immunity that helps relieve symptoms, as well as lower levels of immunity in children than in adults. Because the immune system is not sufficiently trained.
The study recommended the need to continue persuading parents to ensure that their children are vaccinated, especially since the issue of giving vaccines or not is still controversial in the United States. Therefore; The result of the study is very important in encouraging more parents to complete the rest of the vaccinations for their children.
Researchers from the University of California tracked the flu vaccination program in schools across the state and compared them to the numbers that were booked in hospitals as a result of its complications. After four years, the number of students who received the vaccine increased by 11 percent of the primary and secondary school students.
This percentage of improvement contributed to reducing the number of seizures due to influenza complications by 37 cases per 100,000 patients of all ages.
It is worth noting that the children ranged between the ages of four and thirteen. Also, there was a decrease in the number of cases that were booked as a result of complications in the age group older than 65 years by 160 cases per 100,000. Of course, this result is very good. Also, the younger children benefited from the vaccination campaign, and absenteeism from school was not recorded as usual due to various flu symptoms that force students to stay at home, such as muscle aches and high temperatures.

Fighting influenza
The medical team pointed out that the spread of vaccination in children is considered one of the most important means to fight influenza in the whole community, especially since they benefit from the vaccine more than adults, as their immune system is considered to be more recent and more responsive to stimulation, and it secretes antibodies more than adults Those who are over 60 years old or who suffer from chronic diseases. Therefore; Larger doses of the same vaccine are used to vaccinate adults. The researchers indicated that the mixing of different groups of patients increases the chances of infection. Therefore, by protecting a certain group (students), the rest of the groups can be protected by cutting the cycle of infection.
The medical team advised that children, regardless of their age, should receive the vaccine, as long as they were over 6 months of age, to protect them from infection and spread immunity, according to the study. Adults who suffer from diseases that weaken immunity, whether chronic diseases or old age, must also be vaccinated. There is no need to fear the vaccine, which is considered safe and effective, especially since it has been used for a long time. The more it is used before the flu season (roughly from September to March), the greater the chances of protection from the disease.
It is incorrect to claim that the vaccine causes certain neurological diseases or autism. It can only cause some mild symptoms like any other vaccine, such as a high temperature after consuming it, as the vaccine is a virus after its activity is stopped and weakened.
The study indicated that the importance of vaccination doubles this year due to the great spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the United States, especially since the common cold mainly targets the upper part of the respiratory system. Which prepares infection with the Corona virus, contrary to some belief.
Although there are concerns that vaccination will facilitate infection with “Corona”, there is no scientific basis for these concerns. Every time a child gets sick with the flu, he is exposed to a secondary bacterial infection other than a viral infection; Therefore, the study advised parents to quickly give the vaccine to their children, as its effect begins to work approximately two weeks after taking it.


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